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Guidelines | People for Animals, - Adhoiwala, Sahastradhara Road, Dehradoon, 248001 Guidelines – People for Animals,

Visitors / Animal Guardians

Welcome to People for animals Animal Shelter & Veterinary Hospital

We believe that you are here to further the cause of animal welfare and that you have the best interest of the animals at heart.

The following guidelines have been formulated keeping the welfare of the animals of People for animals & their caretakers in mind.

Therefore, your support & co-operation with the Shelter volunteers is requested. In case, you have a suggestion for modification or addition, please feel free to mention it in the visitor’s book or drop in a line (info@raahatforanimals.org / raahatforanimals@gmail.com )

The guidelines apply to every visitor, regardless of their status (Members / office bearers of People for animals, Donors, volunteers, animal welfare workers, or Member of any Govt. or Private organization / group / body).

    • Please avoid entering any area declared out of bounds for visitors. In case you are unsure, please ask our volunteers.
    • Avoid going anywhere near the wards, as it usually causes commotion among animals. If you want to see/meet a particular animal or offer any other service, please request the volunteers.
    • Avoid random feeding of dogs anywhere on the Shelter premises. Do not especially throw crumbs/treats to animals inside wards, as there are chances of animals fighting each other, injuries and general disturbance. However, we welcome and are grateful for your contribution for food. Please feed the animals with the assistance of our volunteers.
    • Please comply with instructions of the Vet / volunteers regarding your presence or absence from the scene of treatment.
    • You are strictly prohibited from smoking or spitting/ littering anywhere on the shelter premises. If found to be doing so, you will be fined Rs 200 as per the Revised Smoke Free Rules 2008 and Rs 100 for spitting anywhere on the campus. It is to encourage respect for the workplace and ensure a clean working & living environment for all our human and animal friends. People for animals is your facility. Please keep it clean.

Do not forget to take acknowledgement receipt for the fine paid.

  • Please sign the visitor’s book whenever you visit the People for animals Facility and mention your contact details, profile & purpose of visit.
  • Please also provide all the details if you are getting an animal admitted at People for animals, including a photograph with the said animal which will be taken by our volunteers at the shelter itself.
  • If you are visiting the Shelter for making a donation in kind (food, medicines or anything else), please provide a bill in the name of the organization and take a cash receipt for the same amount. Even if you are not keen on a donation receipt, it is still mandatory for our stock entries & accounting procedures.
  • If you are visiting the shelter for adoption, please do not ask to be ‘shown’ puppies / dogs so that you may ‘choose’ or ‘select’. Also avoid telling us about your colour, breed and gender preferences. However, given your residential limitations you may convey whether you’d like to adopt a small breed or a large breed of dog.
  • Please do not ask for or solicit special treatment for any animal as we strive to provide professional and ethical care for all animals. For us all animals are equally important, with or without area caretakers.
  • If you are making a donation or any other contribution, please do not forget to ask for an acknowledgement receipt. It is your Right.
  • Please make payment for the treatment of your companion animal which has to be over and above any donation or contribution you may wish to make.
  • Please avoid making anonymous donations.
  • The animal guardians are requested to clean up after their animal or pay Rs 100 for the service rendered. This is to encourage responsible ‘animal guardianship’.
  • Visitors are requested to park their vehicles at the parking space in front of the OPD Clinic or to bring in the vehicle to leave the animal and then take the vehicle to the parking area.
  • People for animals Shelter timings are from 10am – 6pm and services beyond these hours will be only for contingencies.

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation