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Rescue SOPs | People for Animals, - Adhoiwala, Sahastradhara Road, Dehradoon, 248001 Rescue SOPs – People for Animals,

People for animals Rescue Service (RRS) for Animals

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

People for animals Rescue Service’ for Small Animals is privately managed & funded. The only rescue service of its kind in Uttarakhand, it attends all species of small animals in distress. The only rescue service of its kind in Uttarakhand, it attends all species of small animals in distress. RRS has successfully rescued and rehabilitated thousands of animals (small & large) since its inception in 2005. We also run People for animals All Animal Shelter & Veterinary Hospital @ Sahastradhara Road in Dehradoon.

We Thank

Kindness Trust for Donating the Rescue Van

Help Animals India for Sponsoring Maintenance

Doon International School & Sanjeev Fuels for Supporting Fuel Cost

People for animals Rescue Team for their Indefatigable Spirit!

Reporting a Homeless / Abandoned Animal in Distress

Rescue Hours 10 am – 6 pm (Monday – Saturday) & 04 pm – 6 pm (Sunday)

Before and after the above time, the responsibility to bring the animal to the shelter rests with the caller/community.

Coverage area: 20 – 25 kms from Clock Tower, Dehradoon

Reporting Time 10 am – 4 pm

Calls received after 4 pm will be attended the next day.

Helpline Numbers :0135-6003004 / 9997699474

People for animals Does Not Have Any Other Helpline Number/s. Do Not Report rescue on Email / Facebook page

Admission Facility 24×7 for All Species of Animals

Veterinary Surgeon AvailabilityAll working days

You may bring a sick/injured animal to People for animals at any given time after providing the staff with all the relevant & required details.

Do not leave the animal outside the gate as it may wander off without getting the much needed veterinary care.

‘RRS’ is NOT 108

  • People for animals is not a 24×7 Rescue Service.
  • Also do not request an immediate pick-up, within the given working hours, as the vehicle may be engaged in some other rescue or shelter related work.
  • If the animal needs emergency veterinary care, volunteer to take it to your nearest veterinarian / veterinary hospital or bring the animal to People for animals, using other means at your disposal.

Animals We Rescue

  • Sick / Injured small animals of all species.
  • Homeless Females dogs for Sterilization
  • Cases pertaining to cruelty

Animals We Do Not ‘Rescue’

  • Healthy puppies or a litter with the mother dog. We pick up the mother dog for sterilization only once the litter is at least 2 months old and capable of fending for itself
  • Other Healthy Animals. Our streets / colonies are the homes of stray animals, howsoever unfortunate it may be. They do not need to be ‘rescued’ from their ‘home’ but only from an ‘ailment’.
  • Dogs with skin ailment. A skin disease can be easily dealt with oral medication on the site itself. You may consult our vet, or any other you may wish to, and provide the required oral & topical medication on-site.
  • Large animals like cattle etc.We do not have any facility for large animal rescue.

However, you may contact the Chief Veterinary Officer @ 0135 – 2712572 for large animal rescue and their hydraulic vehicle and they will bring the animal to People for animals for admission / veterinary care.

Engaging the Community in Homeless Animal Rescue

How YOU Can Participate

We believe that animals that do not belong to anyone belong to all of us and therefore the responsibility for their well being lie with each one of us and not just with an/any NGO/s / Govt. Deptt.

  • On receiving any rescue call, the first option is given to the caller to bring the animal to the shelter. It helps us save manpower & fuel cost and the time thus saved is invested in attending the 100+ animals in our care.
  • We do not support or encourage ‘armchair activism’ so, you need to stay involved and be with the animal till the time he/she can be rescued. Your role does not end at merely informing about the sick animal. Be on location for the rescue and sign the Rescue Form. Your presence will help us save time in searching for the animal.
    Remember that YOUR involvement may very well be the difference between life & death.
  • Kindly report an injured/diseased animal as soon as you locate him/her so that he/she stands a better chance of recovery.
  • At the time of the rescue, kindly do not forget to make a donation and take a receipt for the same. While we rescue animals irrespective of whether a donation is being made or not, please remember that People for animals Rescue Service and the Shelter depends entirely on private donations for its recurring needs and YOU are THE ONE helping us pay all the bills!
    Even if you are not availing the services of the organization / getting any sick animal rescued, please support the cause generously, in whatever way possible.
  • We try to make the best possible treatment available to the animal. Our In-house Vet personally supervises the treatment of each animal. We also consult/call in Vets from outside, as and when required.
    However, it is the organization which reserves the right to consult / call vets from outside.
    Kindly refrain from interfering in our treatment procedures or ask for day to day progress of the patient/s in our care. We have a skeletal staff, so, please avoid increasing their work load.
  • After treatment & recovery the animal is relocated in the same area. Prior to the release/relocation, a telephonic intimation will be given to you.
    Kindly keep an eye on the animal for a few days and ensure that he/she acclimatizes well.


  • People for animals Animal Shelter & Rescue Service does not receive any kind of financial or technical support from either the Department of Animal Husbandry or the Local Civic authority (Nagar Nigam) or any other Government Agency.
  • We depend entirely on private philanthropy.
  • We do not have the unlimited resources of a government agency at our disposal and work under immense financial and manpower constraints.

Therefore, Your Participation, as a responsible and sensitized member of the community, is crucial.

It is only with YOUR SUPPORT that we can continue serving all animals in right earnest.