Where the Buck Stops


Where the Buck Stops
While we understand the sentiment of ‘animal lovers’ who leave puppies outside or at shelters, dare we say that their compassion or enthusiasm is rather misplaced.
A shelter, with scores of sick animals, should be the last place for any healthy animal, leave alone a puppy as all young animals have a weak immune system, prone to catching an infection very easily. And despite the best efforts and intentions of any shelter management, there are situations that cannot be helped.
We at Raahat discourage people from bringing healthy animals / puppies to the shelter. Our policy does not earn us any brownie points and we are very often at the receiving end of abusive behavior as well. However, it is a stand that has to be taken in the best interest of the animals.
Raahat admission facility is only for sick / injured or community dogs that need to be sterilized. There are hundreds of stray puppies / dogs in every town and it is neither possible nor practical to keep them at one place.
One must avoid adding to the burden of already overburdened, short staffed and under funded shelters. Also avoid quick-fixes and be part of a permanent and constructive solution to the problem.
You can do the following: 1. If the puppies are approx. 2 months old, get the mother (if healthy) sterilised at an A.W.O. or govt. vet hospital immediately. 2. Make a temporary living arrangement for the puppies in your locality itself and feed them at least twice a day till they can fend for themselves. 3. Try to find them homes but if that is not possible make yourself familiar with the puppies so that when they grow up you can help get them sterilised.
Remember that there is no magic wand or overnight solution and neither can the problems be wished away. Rather one must work painstakingly and patiently towards a solution.
Because leaving puppies outside a shelter is not only an irresponsible act but an unkind one too.
Be pro-active and get your community dogs sterilized. You can take the help of an A.W.O. or get the dogs sterilized at your nearest govt. veterinary hospital. All the govt. veterinary hospitals in Doon have ABC (Animal Birth Control) trained vets and their service charge is a mere Rs 40!!
Well, once you get all your community dogs sterilised, there will be no more stray puppies!
Now, wouldn’t that be wonderful?