The dilemma of putting an animal back on the street after a long recovery


The dilemma of putting an animal back on the street after a long recovery.
And though it is the logical thing to do (to help create space and utilize the limited resources for other animals in need) it can still be incredibly hard. We often experience this dilemma and presently have a calf release pending for almost 3 months now. We’ve been postponing it for some reason or the other.
Rescued by JP Maithani & his friends from Kaulagarh in a loading tempo, he had deep cuts in his abdominal region. The wound had turned maggotted and the road to recovery was long and winding.
Practically bald at the time of admission, today he has a beautiful rich coat, loves his meals, has friends for company and regards the shelter as his home.
It is always difficult to let go of animals especially when they become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. To be suddenly out in the cold, foraging in garbage dumps, braving traffic, getting hit. Yes, life can be pretty cruel and harsh on the streets.
As for him……has been grumpy ever since he got wind of his journey back into the streets. He does know after all that there are some animals we never put back.
So, would it be kinder to let him go when he is still young to re-adjust to a life on the streets or hold on to him for the winter months or release him closer to the shelter in a friendlier environment or let Raahat be his forever home?
The dilemma continues and yes, it can be incredibly hard.