Shaktiman UPFRONT!


My life flashed past me as I lay writhing in agony. I wondered if it had been a good one for, to be honest, I didn’t quite like my job profile. Management of a crowd of 'superior' humans is not something that we animals enjoy. Seriously!

Nevertheless, I did what was 'expected' of me for close to a decade.
And then there was this moment of human madness and my life turned upside down.
I am today a mere shadow of old regal self.
Is there anger, resentment? Well, toxicity doesn’t agree with us animals, you see. Besides, have heard its a human trait!
Anyway, I have decided to be strong and move on.
My life in retirement has afforded me the luxury of time, time to dwell on issues that affect my fellow brothers and sisters.
I assumed that the best possible care, and concern, I have received was surely indicative of the care and concern for my fellow animals in need too? But the other day, a little birdie swooped down and whispered about the millions that suffer and die unattended, unheard.
Ever since that revelation, I have been wondering if the stream of doctors who tend to me are equally conscientious about other needy animals? If so, then I thank them from the depth of my heart. Not because they are doing their job but because they care. But then again, the little birdie whispered that the callousness of these very people is monumental where many, many of my fellow animals are concerned. So, is selective empathy another human trait?
I am humbled by the show of solidarity and concern. But if it doesn't find an extension, it would mean zilch to me.
There have been visitors, (or dare I say sightseers?) galore. I am fine with the jamboree for the birdie tells me humans engage in 'Suicide Tourism' too!
And really if it manages to draw the attention of all concerned to the suffering of my brothers and sisters, across the country and beyond, it would be be worth it!
Yes, every single moment of the pain that is my destiny now.